Monique on Goodreads

I started this book the moment it arrived, and read it in one setting. I have since reread it about 10 times. And actually, this book has made me realize that there is a very big chance I’m autistic, and I’m now in the middle of getting a diagnosis. So, this book means a lot to me and I’m so grateful it has been translated to English! There are probably more people like me, who have no idea but suspect there is something off, and read this book and realize what autism actually is.

And wow, this book explains everything really well! There is a lot of logical structure, and it reads very fast with a nice, easy writing style that draws you in, combined with humor. Bianca takes you along the points for autism in the DSM and clarifies them all, with personal stories. You really get to know her, but also the experiences of other people are present in this book as autism is very diverse. For me, it was one eye opener after the other. I never thought someone could explain to me why I would get error messages from my brain for the easiest tasks. So many things make sense now!

This is a book for you if you have autism, or someone you know does. But I think honestly everyone should read it, as Bianca Toeps describes very clearly how it’s often not like Hollywood portrays it, and this book will help so much with the stigma that surrounds autism.