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This book is a revelation for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Because it is written from firsthand experience, for someone with ASD it immediately evokes the discovery that you are not the only one who is perceiving the world in this way, which is so very comforting. The writer also relates those firsthand experiences with factual research into how modern day healthcare deals with ASD, where it fails, where it succeeds and even provides a historical perspective on the subject matter. In this way it provides a much needed contextual understanding about ASD and enables the reader to realize their own place in all of it.

For non-Autistics it could create a much needed glimpse into, for example, what it is like to be subjected to a constant barrage of overstimulation, how that immobilizes the thought process and thereby explains the behavior it causes. If read with an open mind this book could become the final puzzle piece in understanding a friend or a loved one.

This book is amazing and unique because in a self-conscious humorous way it creates an inviting atmosphere where the reader is given the opportunity to digest an insiders perspective with a surprising amount of scope.

Finally the writer suggests a couple of changes in perception for everyone involved that could go a long way in improving the relationship between Autistics and those who want to live with them. That makes this book absolutely required reading! Which is why it is so fortunate it has now been translated from Dutch to English, making it available for a much wider international audience and with it potentially giving much more opportunity for understanding each other in the entire English speaking world.